Trying New Foods on Your California Vacation

When traveling to California, you can rest assured you will be enjoying a new adventure. The state of California has so much to view and experience that you could visit often and still not see it all. As with any vacation or weekend trip, you have to find something to do as well as eat. It can be fun when traveling to California to try new foods as the state is known for offering unique cuisine. Consider trying a variety of foods when visiting the state to enjoy something new and be a little adventurous.


If you are a picky eater, you might want to start small. Consider trying an appetizer of something you have never had before. This could be something with a unique flavor or different meat or vegetable than what you are used to. Trying something new makes the vacation much more exciting and you may find that you have a new favorite dish to enjoy in the process!


An example of trying something new can be found at the Poke Etc Group in San Diego. This restaurant specializes in poke which is a raw fish salad. Now to some, this may sound odd but it is considered a delicacy in Hawaiian cuisine and can also be served as an entrée. There are traditional forms of poke as well as unique recipes that are offered by the Poke Etc Group in San Diego. Visit the restaurant when in the area to try something new and unique.


When traveling to California, seek out unusual restaurants that are top rated by visitors. Try a new appetizer or dessert. Ask the wait staff what they recommend. Try at least one new food once a day to get the true California experience. You may find that you enjoy many more foods than you thought possible!

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